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Classy & Comfortable Shoes Made Vegan

Vegan Shoes for Men & Women

Immediate Comfort. Say Goodbye to breaking-in shoes.

Comfort is our priority and durability is a necessity when we create each pair.

At Tastemaker, our goal is to create innovative vegan leather shoes for men and women, which we thoughtfully make with the environment in mind. We produce our stock of vegan leather and suede shoes with an emphasis on reducing environmental waste, ending the unnecessary suffering of animals, and creating a sustainable future. Of course, all of these efforts are combined with our goal to offer the highest-quality, most durable vegan shoes available.

+ Each shoe has a cushioned insole

+ Our vegan leather is guaranteed not to peel, crack, or flake for 10+ years (yes, you read that correctly)

We achieve sustainable and fashionable vegan shoes for men and women by sourcing the highest-quality Microfiber PU as our vegan leather.

Customer Reviews

After 1 month of wearing my pair of tastemaker boots, I'll probably never buy a real leather shoe again. They are way more comfortable and way more durable.

Kevin (Los Angeles, CA)

I’ve experimented with several vegan leather products but they usually feel cheap and they wear out easily. With these shoes, I feel like I didn’t have to compromise quality.

Natalie (Orange County, CA)

Purchased a pair of charcoal  boots and they are incredibly comfortable. I am able to walk around in them all day. 10 out of 10 shoe, I would definitely buy them again.

Josh (New York, NY)

Founder's Story

How I got my friend to go vegan

We all want the best for our loved ones. As someone who has felt an enormously positive impact from adopting the vegan lifestyle, I wanted to share my experiences with the people I love most in life. One of my best friends made the leap. Here's my story.

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Cork Eco-Sneaker (Women) Cork Eco-Sneaker (Men)

One time release

Cork Eco-Sneakers

We made 20 pairs of this exclusive all cork sneaker. Made with sustainably grown cork in Lisbon, Portugal.

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